Onda Calabra CBD Auto

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Onda Calabra X Cannatonic

CDB treats symptoms of many ailments that the world's population is experiencing, prevents the onset of certain serious diseases and has gained a place among the most popular natural medicines.

This is why we have invested in this variety with a THC/CDB ratio of 1:2.
We crossed Onda Calabra Auto with Resin Seeds' Cannatonic.
The result is a variety that is generally on levels of 7% THC and 14% CBD.


Crossing with Cannatonic has not substantially altered the Indica-Sativa balance of this variety, which retains the structural characteristics of Onda Calabra.
What changes, though, is the THC/CDB ratio which, after crossing with Cannatonic, is 1:2.

The taste comes out smoother and less spicy.
Onda Calabra CBD has the advantage of having a therapeutic variety that has the speed of autoflowering: Onda CBD is ready in just 65 days.
With citrus and sweet accents, it develops into low, compact plants that rarely exceed 100 cm in height.


Sativa: 50 %

Indica: 50 %

Active ingredients

THC: 7.00%

CBD: 14.00%

CBN: High

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 60-65 days Half September
Height 100 cm

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