Cheese 3.0 Auto

5,50 € Each seed

Clone d’elite di Cheese auto x NL XXL auto

Cheese 3.0 is dedicated to those who like the classic flavour of Cheese but at the same time want to benefit from the advantages of the auto flowering plant.

In order to create the strongest and most productive variety on the market a clone of UK Cheese from the English organization Exodus was used. Exodus is very actively campaigning for the liberation of cannabis. Through Exodus many people have been able to acquire Cheese thus contributing to its diffusion and reputation. 
Recently one of our breeders got hold of a clone and thanks to a cross with Critical 3.0 Auto managed to obtain a great result in both yield and growing time.


This auto flowering plant is strong and compact and has a good yield even in the side branches, great considering it’s a predominantly Indica variety. 
It doesn’t grow very high, about 100cm and its yield is around 80gr but that can double with an average indoor of 400-540gr/mq if the growing conditions are favorable. 
It is recommended to transplant the seedling into the final pot straightaway to avoid stress to the plant later on that could affect the final result. 
Using an odour filter mask is a good idea…when flowering our “friend” will remind you why she is called Cheese. 
Our Cheese 3.0 Auto needs about 70 days to flower indoors and up to 85 days outdoors. 
A great choice for SOG and also Hydroponic and coco coir cultivation.


At the end of all your hard work you can sit down in your armchair and enjoy a mouthful of “cheese” that will inundate your palate with its unmistakable flavour of blackberry and blackcurrant. 
The high will be strong, body and relaxing leading to a mentally liberating and creative state of mind. 
Happy Cheese to you all…a classic that will never end!! 


Sativa: 40 %

Indica: 60 %

Active ingredients

THC: 15%

CBD: 1.2%

CBN: Medium

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 70 days 12 weeks
Height 80 - 100 cm

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