Lemon XXL Auto

6,00 € Each seed

Skunk XXL auto x Lemon XXL

Our autoflowering XXL family increased in size with the arrival to the market of this strain with an extraordinary lemon flavor, produced from the cross between our Lemon XXL and the generous Skunk XXL Auto

This mix produces a plant that looks like a Christmas tree with a big apicale bud and which is most suitable for SOG techniques.


Again, having an anti odour mask is a good idea along with a 600w lamp. You won’t need much more than 70 days to obtain an average yield of 350-450g/mq. The taste and smell are reminiscent of the mother “lemon” with hints of citrus fruits and a magic touch of Skunk as well!
It is advisable to keep EC levels low because the flavor could be affected otherwise and also pay attention to the plants hydration needs.
Keep an eye on the humidity level as, if too high, the plant could suffer with problems caused by mould and parasites and a lesser yield.
This variety thrives on hydroponic and Coco coir techniques.


This has a very active effect and if you are patient and wait a little longer at the time of harvest, extending the maturing process, you will obtain a variety with an even stronger psychedelic character.


Sativa: 75 %

Indica: 25 %

Active ingredients

THC: 17%

CBD: 0.2%

CBN: Low

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 75-80 days 11 - 12 weeks
Height 80 - 100 cm

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