5,50 € Each seed

NL auto x NL auto

The origins of this variety are to be found in its ancestors: indica plants from Afghanistan, imported to the USA in the 70’s and improved.

The sweet and fruity flavor along with a pungent smell was so popular that ten years later it arrived in Holland and became one of the classic varieties to be grown in apartments.
It had a very important role in the story of breeding being the source of a variety that led, not only to a generation of strains such as N//1, NL//2, NL//5 but also successful hybrids like Skunk and Haze.
We united this classic strain with a variety of ruderalis creating an auto flowerer with a mainly Indica character but with a significant structure that optimized yield.


The growbox is the ideal habitat for this young lady who responds well even when the lamp isn’t very powerful.
The plant is very resistant to stress and therefore is ideal for the less experienced.
It will take about 70 days from the initial germination to reach the end of the flowering and the plant will grow to 90-120cm in height.

Outdoors and in a Mediterranean climate the plant will need a few days more but an abundant harvest will make the wait worthwhile!


The high will be body, head and energizing.
The flavor will be sweet and fruity and the smell pungent!
The THC is 25% whereas the CBD is present in an interesting amount thus allowing the plant to be used for medicinal purposes.


Sativa: 15 %

Indica: 85 %

Active ingredients

THC: 19%

CBD: 1.2%

CBN: High

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 60-65 days 10 - 11 weeks
Height 80 - 100 cm

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