Amnesia OG

5,50 € Each seed

Amnesia Haze x Critical 3.0

The most loved and sought after variety in the Dutch coffee shops , Amnesia, couldn’t be left out of our catalogue.

In the 70’s, some strains of Haze were exported to California from the land of the windmills. As a result different hybridizations occurred, one with a male Haze that gave life to the famous Amnesia Haze. 
Our breeders decided to cross this longtime strain with our winner from a productivity point of view, Critical 3.0 and hence generating an exceptional variety. 
Amnesia OG is a plant predominantly Sativa with large extended leaves, wide internodal space and long and resinous colas.


The plant can easily grow to over a meter in height and with an interesting yield of 450-550g/mq. 
It is advisable to maintain low levels of EC as the flavour could be affected. 
Outdoors our friend will need a hot climate similar to that of California to give you an abundant harvest (>500g/plant) 
It is recommended to pay attention to the plants hydration needs because it is very sensitive to shortages that would compromise the final result. Beware of humidity: as a Sativa, the cola is less compact and therefore more aired and resistant to mould however the abundant production of resin can create problems where excessive humidity is present. 
This genotype takes approximately 75-85 days to flower and this means that growers don’t make it their number one choice if they are in a hurry but it will be forgiven as it really merits the extra wait!


After the curing and the correct drying you can prepare yourselves for a powerful psychedelic trip: it’s not a coincidence that it is called Amnesia!!! 
On the first mouthful your palate will be inundated by a sweet fruity flavour and then incense. 
A spicy musk flavour and then a brain, euphoric psychedelic high. 
A variety not to be missed


Sativa: 75 %

Indica: 25 %

Active ingredients

THC: 22%

CBD: 0.4%

CBN: Medium

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 60-70 days September October
Height 180 - 250 cm

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