Hindu Kush High

5,00 € Each seed

Selezione cloni Landrace Hindu Kush

If Hashish is your priority and if your dream is to have a plant with a resinous cola capable of producing great quantities then get ready to accommodate Hindukush High in your growroom.

We have decided to suggest this strain whose origins are from by gone times in far away Afghanistan, Pakistan and India and especially from the mountainous region of HinduKush from where it takes its name.Having arrived in the USA in the 70’s it was a huge success mostly due to the undisputed quality of being a great resin producer, appreciated all over the world.


This is a strictly Indica plant with a powerful structure. The colas are large and laden with resin. Abundant yields are frequent with this variety and you will also be satisfied with the resin filled leaves around the cola.

Due to its origins the plant is ideal for Outdoors being very resistant to stress and supporting low temperatures.

You’ll be very pleased to see it still standing after a frost! By paying attention and gaining experience record yields are possible.


Its flavour is a legend as are its highs: body, head, medicinal.


Sativa: 20 %

Indica: 80 %

Active ingredients

THC: 17%

CBD: 0.8%

CBN: Medium

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 55-60 days Mid-late September
Height 150 - 180 cm

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