Widow 3.0

5,00 € Each seed

White widow x White widow

At the beginning of the 90’s in the Dutch greenhouses some growers started working on a variety capable of producing not only a large amount of buds but also a lot of resin.

n order to reach their goal they chose a pure Brasilian sativa ( Pink Manga) and an indica from South India ( Kerala). From the cross of these two varieties the White Widow was created in ’95, famous for its massive yield of resin which gave it its name.
This variety has a low CBD content but a high THC.
As time went by this strain became one of the most sought after in the coffee shops, having a huge success all over the world.
If at the start of its circulation its genetics were top secret, toay it is one of the classic varieties that every bank has in its catalogue.
We couldn’t fail either introducing our princess Widow 3.0, a plant that isn’t too big and is suitable for beginners.


It needs about 9 weeks to flower. We recommend that you reduce the light at the end of the cycle to induce the plant to produce more resin. In this way you will obtain dense, hard and very white colas worthy of their name.
Outdoors it grows to a maximum height of 2 metres, likes sunshine but also adapts to colder climates. It will be ready to harvest in October.


It has a pungent and flowery smell whereas the taste has hints of citrus fruit and pine.
It gives a strong brain high…you’ll be flat out on the sofa.

If you want to play it safe this Old School strain is for you…its not a coincidence that it has represented the backbone of the Dutch entertainment industry for years.


Sativa: 40 %

Indica: 60 %

Active ingredients

THC: 22%

CBD: 1.1%

CBN: Medium

Indoor Outdoor
Flowering 60 days Early October
Height 300 cm

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